Updated Oct 18, 2017
Left Hand Drive 3.8 'S's                    
VIN/Chassis No. Buid Date Engine No. Body No. Gearbox No. Type OD Wheels Ext. Color Int. Color Notes: Country
P1B80418DN 13-Jun-68 7B65125-9 4B64267 KBN335 Synchro Yes Wire BRG Beige delivered to Herbert Schultze Berlin, 6 September 1968, now metallic clear green The Netherlands
P1B80413DN 12-Jun-68 7B65044-8 4B64260 KBN111 Synchro Yes disk Op.Golden Sand  Lt. Tan stored since 1980, very good condition. Retrieved April 2003 Switzerland
  1B80398DN 14-May-68 7B65099-9 4B64230 KBN276 Synchro Yes disk Op Maroon Beige orig. sold in germany (9/6/68) Op Silver Blue with Dk. Blue Int; heated rear window, 420 brakes fitted USA
P1B80372DN   7B64330           Dk. Blue   for sale in Paris Aug 2001.  22,000 pound restoration in 1996 France
  1B80365BW   7B64985-8 4B64116 FG2160 Automatic   disk BRG Beige repainted, no modifications  
  1B80262BW         Automatic   Wire Op.Silver Grey White 40239 km, Good condition, for sale in France Feb 2013 France
  1B80257DN   7B64330-8   JBN9923     Wire Old Eng.White Black originally sold and registered in italy (Roma A23292), side marker lights, ignition lock installed  USA
P1B80245BW   7B64307-9 4B63803 JBC30169P Automatic   Wire     Orig Ownr: Richard Endel Kask, New Canaan, Conn. bought it in Coventry. Parted-out on eBay Feb 2003 USA
  1B80211DN   7B6419?-? 4B6373? JBN8909 Synchro Yes Wire Op.Golden Sand Red Auction - 29, Dec 2016 sold for €15,680 (US$16,662). Italy
  1B80136BW     4B63609   Automatic          
P1B80103BW   7B63945-8 4B63530 JBC29831P Automatic     Dk. Green Suede Grn heated rear window and sliding roof
P1B80086DN   7B63884-8 4B653516 JBN9531P Synchro Yes disk Op Silver Grey Red Unsold on eBay June 2005 @ US$911.01
P1B80074BW   7B63916-9 4B63500 JBC29013P Automatic   Wire Carmen Red Biscuit Original owner, restored mid-80s, 122,897 miles, UK registration: HWK488D
P1B80054DN         Synchro Yes Wire   Red Barn find in Maryland Fall 2003
  1B80020DN   7B64005-9 4B63559 JBN9561 Synchro Yes Wire Op.Silver Grey Red For sale April 2003
P1B80005BW         Automatic     Blue Beige Sold on eBay, US$3,700, Jul;y 2004
P1B79979BW         Automatic         Originally owned by Jackie Kennedy's stepfather, saold on eBay  May 2017 USA
P1B79965BW         Automatic     Op. Dark Green    
P1B79958BW 29-Jun-66 7B63745-9 4B63286 JBC29660P Automatic   Wire Lt. Grey Blue ex- Jerry & Sue Parkhill Canada
P1B79909DN 21-Jun-66 7B63589-9 4B63203 JBN9397 Synchro Yes Wire Carmen Red Black Original owners, unrestored, 34,000 miles, UK registartion: HRW667D USA
  1B79889DN     4B63128   Synchro Yes       bought in 1987 in England, in open countryside towards Yeovil, Devon, Plymouth France
P1B79881BW   7B63401 4B63036   Automatic   disk Maroon Beige Purchased May 6th 1967 Canada
P1B79871BW         Automatic   disk Op Golden Sand Beige unsold on eBay, May 2013 at $12,000 USA
P1B79867BW         Automatic          
P1B79860BW   7B63434-8 4B63004 JBC29421P Automatic   disk Op. Silver Blue Grey orig. heated backlight & radio delivered Nov 21 '66 in GB who brought to P.R.
P1B79850BW 6-Jun-66 7B63245-8 4B62908 JBC28642 Automatic   disk Op. Golden Sand Red concours restoration by Ake Jamtsater, Carnival Red Metallic paint (1997 Jaguar XK). Sweden
  1B78874DN   7B60741-8 4B60535 JBN            
  1B79842DN 1   7B55768-8 4B5572 JBN212? Synchro Yes Wire Op. Golden Sand Auction - 29, Dec 2016 sold for €17,920 (US$19,057). Italy
P1B79840DN   7B63158-9 4B62997 JBN7739 Synchro Yes Wire     Owned for 10 years
P1B79839DN   7B63352-9 4B62996 JBN9132 Synchro Yes Wire Op.Silver Grey Red First owner G. Baer Connard USA
P1B79836DN   7B63400-9 4B62977 JBN9157 Synchro Yes Wire Burgundy Black currently White, competition clutch, 5 row radiator, sold by Russell Coe - July 2005
P1B79761BW         Automatic   Wire White Burgundy Stored since 1990 - sold on eBay Aug 2014 @US$4,550 USA
P1B79694DN   7B62659-9 4B62403 JBN8426 Synchro Yes Wire Silver Black  for Sale on eBay August 2003
P1B79696BW   7B62692-9   JBC28423P Automatic   Wire     Webasto sunroof, heated rear window, Owned since 1979
P1B79660BW         Automatic   disk Op. Golden Sand  California car  sale in Tucson parking lot Fall 2015 for USA
P1B79642BW   7B62442-9   JBC28243P Automatic   Wire Op. Dk Green Beige Sold by californiaclassix.com July 2008 Brazil
P1B79611DN   7B61924-9   JBN7751 Syncro Yes       Delivered June 14, 1966 to Mr. G.W.Teaby, Monterey, CA USA
P1B79583DN   7B62332-9 4B62023 JBN8072 Synchro Yes Wire White Black UK delivery, First owners drove in Europe. replaced front suspension with 420. USA
  1B79578 25-Mar-66 7B62331-8 4B62007     No   Cream Red Older restoration, A/C, no power steering
  1B79572DN           Yes         France
  1B79549DN   7B62204-8       Yes       .Currentlt Dec 2002 in Munich, Re No M-ST-366 H
P1B79518DN 11-Mar-66 7B62129-9 4B61808 JBN7892 Synchro Yes   Op Dk Green Beige In Holland. Sold 2008 be Marco van der Heidjen The Netherlands
P1B79491BW   7B61958-9 4B61756 JBC29937P* Automatic   Wire Old Eng. White Dk. Blue On Register - Sold on eBay, Oct 2016, US $10,900.00 USA
 1B79468DN   7B61696-? 4B61693 JBN7413 Synchro Yes Wire Magenta Beige lhd, in Switzerland - for sale (10/14/00) 
  1B79422   7B61801 4B61587 JBN7650 Automatic   Wire White Dk. Blue first registered in Italy on 12/07/1967 to a Mr GAVIRAGHI, unrestored and in its original condition France
P1B79407DN 22-Feb-66 7B61605-9 4B61548 JBN7471 Synchro Yes Wire New Red Black completely restored to 'Championship' standard; Sold at auction for $47,500 in 2008  USA
P1B79392DN   7B61394-9 4B61533 JBN7362 Synchro Yes Wire Lt. Green Beige tinted glass;front seat belts; AM/FM radio; AC; Interior redone in cloth/vinyl
P1B79384BW         Automatic     Maroon Beige Sold on aBay - May 2004 US$ 2,375
P1B79378BW         Automatic   Wire BRG Black Unsold on eBay @ US$ 5,200 July 2005
P1B79370DN   7B61404-9 4B61517 JBN7402 Synchro Yes Wire Primrose Black  
P1B79369BW   7B61654-9 4B61516 JBC26783P Automatic   disk Primrose Black Orig sold Apr 21, 1967 by BMC in San Francisco to Wm. Keyes of Richmond, CA
P1B79368BW   7B65153-9 4B61372 JBC27603 Automatic     Black Black For sale oneBay July 2003 - unsold at US$4,221.21
P1B79354BW                   wood and leather under restoration
P1B79351BW   7B61565-9 4B61505 JBC26836P Automatic   Wire     unsold on eBay, April 2015, at US$1000 USA
P1B79333BW         Automatic   Wire White Blue On eBay Summer/Fall 2013 asking $5,000 -$3500 bid to $1500 USA
P1B79326BW   7B61627-9 4B61471 JBC26700P           Found in barn when farm purchased - July 2003
P1B79316BW   7B61587-9     Automatic   disk Dk. Blue Blue Now white with  3.8 Liter Mark 2, ned ground, electronic ignition, spin-0n oil filter, etc USA
P1B79308DN   7B61529-9 4B61462 GBN11242JS Moss Yes Wire Cotswold Blue Dk. Blue in restoration, facyory tinted glass
P1B79297             Wire BRD Black rebuilt, 41,000 miles for sale in winter 2002/3
P1B79289BW     4B61434   Automatic     Op. Dark Green Grey? Parts car USA
  1B79276DN   7B9899   JBN7039 Synchro Yes Wire Op. Slvr Blue   completely rebuilt his ‘S’-type and added a few special features France
P1B79269DN   7B64591-9 4B61412 JBN7494 Synchro Yes Wire Sherwood Grn Suede Grn originaslly delivered in Ryuku Islands. Batt in boot. Pwr Steer removed USA
P1B79246BW 14-Feb-66 7B61652-9 4B61384 JBC26785P Automatic     Black Black owned since 1988, Paint (orig. Sand)/ wood restored, Converted to R&P steering USA
P1B79219BW                   California car for sale Sept 2015 USA
P1B79197BW   7B61616-9 4B61326 JBC26706 Automatic     Silver burg/mar unsold on eBay with US$10,000 reserve(no bids) July 2003,sold US9,500, Aug2003
P1B79195BW         Automatic   Wire Blue Black converted to rhd, Coopercraft brakes, MOD, R&P, XJ6 frontseats UK
P1B79191BW   7B61519-9 4B61285 JBC27590P Automatic   Wire Black Ivory Owned since 1975 - rebuilding as daily driver
P1B79171BW    7B61483-9               Sold by Geoff Rogers to Lou Shanes June 2013, for sale on eBay July 2013 Bid:$999 no sale
P1B79167BW 8-Feb-66 7B61602-9 4B61309 JBC26967P Automatic   Wire Silver Grey Red Restored, bought Aug 2011 Sold by Al Mater Dec 2011?? USA
P1B79164BW         Automatic   Wire Gunmetal Grey Black USA car sold in The Netherlands The Netherlands
P1B79141BW         Automatic   Wire Black Red Restoration project unsold on eBay @$3550 May 2011 USA
P1B79020BW   7B61100-9 4B61053 JBC2716P Automatic   Wire Op Dk Green Beige currently black - in restoration
P1B79015BW                   purchased May 2002
P1B78998BW         Automatic   Wire Grey Black J66' Ca registration. Unsold on eBay Mar 2013 @ US$866 USA
P1B78971BW 5-Jan-66 7B60980-9 4B60972 JBC26181P Automatic   Wire Op Maroon Biscuit Restoration completed May 2003 at  92,500 miles. New owner  in 2017  USA
P1B78958BW   7B60967-9 4B60948 JBC26287 Automatic         Sold to Jaguar Heaven (Dec 2000) for breaking
  1B78940DN   7B360595 4B60925 JBN559 Synchro Yes Wire Grey Red Currently Op. Golden Sand France
P1B78923DN           Yes disk     Re-bodied by Bertone bocoming the Jaguar FT
P1B78906WB   7B60646-9 4B60838 JBC26408P Automatic   Wire Blue Blue owned since 1988. prev owners: Mark Tounscnd, 1982; Heather Frank, 1985
  1B78874DN 10-Dec-65 7B60741-8 4B60535 JBN6564 Synchro Yes Wire Dk. Green Tan First owner:  Mr. L. Ravina - Original radio Autovox  Italy
 1B78869DN         Synchro Yes Wire Op Silver Blue Tan Frua bodied car shown at the 1966 Geneva Salon
P1B78864BW         Automatic     White   Sold on eBay, April 2015 for US $16,750.00 USA
P1B78846DN         Synchro Yes disk Grey Black Unsold on eBay Spring 2013. Bid to US$5,600 (res reduced = US$10,500 -7500 USA
P1B78827BW   7B60030-9 4B60287 JBC25478 Automatic     BRG Tan sold at BaT Auction January 19, 2016 for US$10,000. USA
  1B78814DN   7B60211-8 4B60285 JBN6213 Synchro Yes Wire Op Silver Grey Tan Auction - 29, Dec 2016 sold for €14,560 (US$15,472). Italy
 1B78809DN                   Parts Car - Derelict oin Canada Canada
  1B78772BW 25-Oct-65 7B60219-8 4B60081 JBN6225 Synchro Yes Wire Cream Lt Tan Delivered new to Garage Claparede Geneva Switzerland Switzerland
P1B78761DN   7B59231-9       Yes   Blue   A/C( made in Miami). Father second owner; bought in New York. Damaged. does not run.
P1B78760DN           Yes Wire Lt. Blue Dk. Blue  
P1B78695BW   7B59958-9 4B59787 JBC23198P Automatic   Wire Op Silver Blue Blue unrestored, 56,000 miles
P1B78659DN   7B59844-9 4B59637 JBN5751 Snchro Yes Disk Black     USA
P1B78654BW         Automatic   Wire Golden Sand Beige 2 tone later paint: persimmon over black, Coombs skirt rear wheel well mod USA
P1B78604BW   7B59140-9 4B59487   Automatic   Wire Golden Sand Green converted to 4 spd w/OD.  Mechanical rebuild, repainted Op Gun Metal w. Biscuit   USA
P1B78598BW         Automatic   Wire Grey Black Unsold on eBay many time, Finally sold Apr 2005 @ US$12,500)
P1B78591BW     4B59436   Automatic     Grey Black Unsold on eBay, April 2004 @US $ 12,200 - 2 bids
P1B78575BW 23-Sep-65 7B59316-9 4B59434 JBC24866P Automatic   Wire   Red sold st auction for US$20,194, June 2017 in Hioplland The Netherlands
P1B78563DN   7B59424-9 4B59348 JBN5617 Synchro Yes Wire Black Red Known by owner since new
P1B78556DN         Synchro Yes disk     Unsold on eBay spring/summer 2014, finally sold July @ $3500 USA
P1B78519BW         Automatic     Green   bought from road side by wife USA
P1B78506BW   7B59373-9 4B59255   Automatic   Wire Bronze Black   USA
P1B78502BW                   Sold by Bruce MacCormack to lady in Santa Monica USA
P1B78482BW     4B59184              
P1B78480BW             Wire Brown/Tan Beige Sold on eBay at US$1,850 July 2004
  1B78446BW     4B59182         Maroon Beige 280Z engine - sold on eBay Jan 26, 2014 @ $1936 USA
  1B78421DN     4B58759             Sat for last 20 yrs - Sold on eBay at $300 USA
P1B78398DN         Synchro Yes disk Gray Red Unsold on eBay at US$676 july 2004
  1B78364BW         Automatic   Wire Op. Golden Sand Tan Calif. Car For sale in The Netherlands, Dec 2016 The Netherlands
P1B78325BW 7-Oct-64 7B53401-9 4B53415 JBC20278 Automatic   disk Dk. Blue Lt. Bloe Car completelyoverhauled and renovated keeping as original as possible Canada
1B78280BW     4B58597             Bought with P1B77056BW chassis plate attached USA
P1B78269BW   7B58614-9 4B58546 JBC23434P Automatic   Wire Champagne Tan  
  1B78266DN   7B58806-8 4B58545 JBN4922 Synchro Yes Wire Golden Sand Tan original owner: Martin Schreuder, founder of Martinair Holland The Netherlands
P1B78172BW   7B58500-9 4B58319 JBC23602P Automatic     Op Silver Grey    
 1B78109DN   7B58245-8 4B58716 JBN4338 Synchro Yes   White Blue lhd; in Italy for about 18 years
P1B78103BW 8-Jun-65             Warwick Grey Red for sale in July 2001
P1B78090BW   7B62486-p 4B52669 JBC194429 Automatic   disc Tan/Beige Red Bought for US$250. Will try to make roadworthy USA
P1B78078BW         Automatic     White Red Bought as Parts car USA
P1B78067DN   7B57948-9 4B57961 JBN4165 Synchro Yes Wire Op Maroon Red in restoration, factory foglamps, Smith's radio and f/r seatbelts
P1B78037BW   7B57846-9 4B57853 JBC24350P Automatic   Wire Op Blue Beige   Canada
P1B78031BW         Automatic   disk Silver Gray Sold on eBay June 2005 @ US$6500
P1B77968BW   7B57754-9 4B57591 JBC24062P Automatic   Wire Blue Lt. Blue traded two Minis for it in 1966 USA
P1B77967BW         Automatic   Wire   Blue Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, unsold on eBay I 2015, sold at US$8,400 in 2017 USA
P1B77953BW         Automatic   Wire Gray Black Unsold on eBay, June 2013 @ $4,000 USA
P1B77903BW   7B57530-9 B57455 JBC23739P Automatic   Wire Dk. Green Lt. Green Bought May 2013, runs well, but needs work USA
PIB77899DN         Synchro   disk White Red Sold on eBay @US$5,000 [ 25 bids ] Sept 2014
P1B77892BW   7B57413-9 4B57370 JBC23821P Automatic     Gray   for sale on eBay Feb 2004. Bid to US$6,600. reserve not met
P1B77891BW   7B57580-9  4B57378    Automatic   Wire Blue Blue for sale on eBay Apr 2015 USA
  1B77857DN         Synchro Yes Wire Dk. Blue Black Unsold at French auction, April 2016 France
P1B77809BW               Cotswold Blue   for sale on eBay, Aug 2013, Sold by Ivan Bauret @ $10,100 USA
P1B77808BW                   Sold on eBay US$6800 - Oct 2016 USA
P1B77804BW   7B57200-9 4B56943 JBC22630P Automatic   Wire Dark Blue Blue for sale on eBay July 2004. Bid to US$4501. reserve not met
P1B77802BW         Automatic   Wire Blue Gray Unsold (dealer) at US$12,100 on eBay Nov 2003;Unsold July 2004 at US$6,100re-offered Feb 2005 at US$37,500
P1B77794DN   7B57169-9 4B56912 JBN3311 Synchro Yes Wire Op Silver Blue Dk Blue original B&Y Cal plate, vinyl interior, running, unrestored
P1B77792BW   7B56859-9         Wire Blue Blue a/c, seta belts, delivered 4/22/66 in miami, FL
P1B77785BW   7B56987-9 4B56902   Automatic   Wire Black Blue 100 amp alternator, V12 power steering pump to an XJ6 power steering rack, GM 400 transmission  Canada
P1B77760DN         Synchro Yes disk Op Gunmetal Black for sale on eBay - spring 2013 unsold at US$ 18,100 USA
P1B77752BW   7B57016-9     Automatic   Wire Green Black Unsold on eBay at US$776 August 2004
P1B 77726 BW 27-Mar-65       Automatic   Wire Cream Red For sale on Craig's List April 2017 @ US$9,000 USA
  1B77701BW   7B56622-8 4B56654 JBC23048P Automatic     Op Silver Grey Maroon unrestored, 41,000 miles
  1B77700BW   7B56526-9               Unsold on eBay Feb/April 2004. Reserve US$23.5/19.5K - no bids
P1B77690BW         Automatic   disk Black Red For sale on eBayJuly 2003 - asking US$19,900 - unsold at US$5,778
P1B77678BW         Automatic   disk Op Golden Sand Beige For sale on eBay Auguar 2017  - unsold at US $3,855.00 USA
  1B77674BW         Automatic     Green Beige Unsold on eBay july 2004 (US$9,600 bid; 15,000 reserve)
P1B77673BW   7B56577-9 4B56606   Automatic          
P1B77666DN 15-Mar-65 7B56745-9 4B56592 JBN2901 Synchro Yes Wire Lt. Blue Dk. Blue Now white with Mk2 front fenders - still drives 0 Restorable USA
P1B77657BW                   Sold for parts on eBay June 2004 - US$ 500
P1B77646BW   7B56421-9 4B56659 JBC22979P           Broken for parts 2016 USA
P1B77639BW               White Black Sold at 2011 Barret Jackson for US$17,600 USA
  1B77599BW         Automatic     Black Burgundy dismantled, Chev V8 partially installed. Sold on eBay US$787.77 Nonember 2004
P1B77587BW                   parts car, broken for parts in NJ, USA summer 2003 USA
P1B77474BW         Automatic     Blue   lhd; imported to holland from USA; in restoration The Netherlands
P1B77473DN                     Liechtenstein
P1B77469DN   7B56156-8 4B56112 JBN2319 Synchro Yes disk Dk. Blue Tan Delivered in CH, imported 1992, Bought in 1995, full restore,Mk2 engine, wires Germany
P1B77432BW   7B56044-9 4B56002 JBC22156P Automatic   Wire Op. SilverGrey Black orig deliverd in San diego 3/31/65. Now fitted 350ci Chev &auto
PIB77413BW         Automativ     White Red UnSold on eBay  many time  2013-14 @$12,500 USA
P1B77388BW 8-Feb-65 7B56072-9 4B55921 JBC22653JS Automatic   disk Op Maroon Black Original owner- Tacoma, WA USA
P1B77331BW   7B55726-9 4B55753 JBC22381JS Automatic   Wire BRG Beige Jan 2015, for sale at californiaclassix.com USA
  1B77313DN   7B55768-8 4B5572? JBN212? Manual Yes Wire Green Red Auction - 29, Dec 2016 sold for €17,920 (US$19,057). Italy
P1B77309BW   7B55561-9 4B55671 JBC22063P Automatic   Wire BRG Beige 68,500 miles
P1B77305BW     4B55695   Automatic   disk BRG Tan Complete restoration 2013for sale July 2013 USA
P1B77274BW   7B55709-9 4B55616 JBC22402P Automatic   disk Met. Blue Blue Sold on eBay January 2004 US&6,150
P1B77271BW   7B55681-9 4B55593 JBC22292P Automatic   Wire Dk. Blue Grey fully restored, winning ‘Best In Class at Jag Concourses bought by  Earnest Umemoto 2017 USA
P1B77251BW   7B55683-9 4B55543 JBC22311 Automatic     Blue Black unsold on eBay - Oct 2003
  1B77240DN   7B55595-8 4B55499 JBN1867 Synchro Yes Wire Gray Tan purchased on eBay
  1B77239DN         Synchro Yes Wire White   For sale in Caifornia July 2003
  1B77220DN   7B 55144-9 4B55421 JBN1519 Synchro Yes Wire Op. Silver Grey Dk. Blue Currently being restored USA
P1B77213BW         Automatic     White Red no engine or trans -Sold on eBay - sept 2003 - US$1500
  1B77170BW         Automatic   Wire White   Being converted into a drophead in California - July 2003 (to Saudi Arabia?)
P1B77160DN           Yes Wire Op. Blue Dk. Blue original owner, purchased in Oakland in 1965
P1B77159DN   7B55119-9 4B55349 JBN083 Synchro Yes Wire Op. Slvr Blue Dk. Blue Registered 10 2000 by Richard Shumpert USA
P1B77142BW         Automatic   Wire Oxford White Tan Sold at auction November 3, 2007 for $36,900 including buyer's premium. USA
P1B77127BW   7B66311-9 4B55276 JBC21366 Automatic   Wire White Tan Now Red. I bought the car in 1987, added 700R4 transmission and R&P steering. USA
P1B77125BW 28-Feb-65 7B55303-9 4B55282 JBC20533 Automatic   Wire Cream Black Originally to USA. Then to The Netherlands: 7th July 1999 - 5 owners being restored The Netherlands
P1B77122BW                   Stolen in Switzerland - spring 2013 Switzerland
P1B77116BW   7B55133-9 4B55245 JBC21477 Automatic   Wire White Black purchased from Donald Sullivan - hughes aircraft
P1B77110BW   7B55230-9 4B55239 JBC21258 Automatic   Wire Gold Sand Lt Tan Sold on Jag Lovers September 2004, needing restoration
P1B77109DN   7B55350-9 4B55239 JBN1508 Synchro Yes Wire Gold Sand Lt Tan currently pastel yellow
P1B77094BW   7B55271-9 4B65216 JBC21395 Automatic* Wire Poenix Red Blk/Grey converted to 2-door, for sale on eBay and many auctions. Sold 2015 Barratt Jackson US@33,550 USA
  1B77090BW         Automatic   disk Black Red For sale on eBay in July 2003. Unsld at US$9,300 (Buy Now at US$ 19,900)
 1B77086BW   7B55098-8 4B551?6 JBC21463 Automatic   Wire Op. Golden Sand   France
P1B77056BW   7B55242-9 4B55142 JBC 22090 Automatic   Wire Sherwood Green Green Unsold on eBay Sepo 2016 @ US $8,223.76 USA
P1B77042BW         Automatic   Wire Lt. Green Green  
  1B76994DN   7B55157-8 4B55062   Synchro Yes disk Op Silver Grey Red Sold in Jonkoping, Sweden, Mar 10, 1965 with reg.nr F81184. Sweden
P1B76956BW   7B55069-9 4B54964 JBC21871 Automatic   disk Grey Black originally sold on 4/7/65 by British Motor Sales, San Diego, CA to Tom Vogt USA
P1B76916BW         Automatic   Wire Silver Maroon Parked in 1996. Sold on eBay in July 2003 for US$2,715
  1B76887BW                   rusted out shell in Oakboro, NC being parted out  on eBay Sept 2007
P1B786865BW         Automatic   Wire Primrose Black For sale on eBay Jul-Aug 2015,Bid to US $2,950.00 - unsold USA
1B768949BW             Wire Blue Red Imported from CA: J6SP 1B768949BW, Body-off restoration Now white wedding car  Belgium
P1B76828BW   7B5487?-8 4B54734 JBC21?87 Automatic   Wire Sherwood Green Red Unsold on eBay, spring 2014, reserve US $16,900.00, no dids USA
P1B76816BW         Automatic   Wire Red Tan Changed to 4-spd/OD, for sale Feb 2014 USA
P1B76810BW   7B54802-9 4B54690 JBC21719 automatic   Wire     parts car, broken for parts in NJ, USA summer 2003 USA
  1B76805DN         Synchro Yes Wire Red   restored and offered for sale in 199 @ US$16,000
P1B76788BW               BRG   bought from California (in storage 10 years) in fall 2004
P1B76743BW   7B54615-9 4B54556 JBC21533 Automatic   Wire Grey Black unsold on eBay, 2014 USA
P1B76700DN         Synchro Yes Wire White Red unsold on eBay 2 US$18,500 Aug 2014
P1B76698BW   7B54335-9 4B54413 JBC20812 Automatic   Wire White Tan Sold for US $3,210.00, on eBay, Feb 2015 USA
P1B75687BW         Automatic   Disc Blue Blue Unsold on eBay ffor US$11,500. Oct 2016 USA
P1B76679BW   7B54084-9 4B54170 JBC20854 Automatic     Cotswold Blue Blue  
P1B76677BW         Automatic   Wire Primrose yellow Black Great Race car exhibited last month in the Automotive Driving Museum in Los Angeles USA
P1B76666BW                     USA
  1B76665DN   7B54293-9 4B54336 JBN757 Synchro Yes   Beige  Tan ex-Ray Crook, Sold on eBay @ US$1,245, resold 2/7/2014,  US $2,247, resold $830 Jun '14  USA
P1B76648BW         Automatic   disk Blue Grey Vinyl roof. Sold on eBay May 2005 @US$8,000
P1B76647BW                   being parted out in November 2000
PIB76618BW   7B64892-9 4B54186 JBC20798 Automatic   Wire White Red For sale for restoration (no engine/trans), June 2013 and Mar 2017, $2,800 USA
P1B76585BW   7B54024-9 4B54041 JBC20768 Automatic   Wire Op Silver Grey Black Owned by Ed Walsh. Sold April 2003
P1B76551BW         Automatic   disk Black Black Sold on eBay at  US$20,000 July 2004
P1B76547DN 27-Oct-64 7B53811-9 4B53869 JBN265 Synchro   disk Op. Dk Green Black Unsold on eBay at US$ 14, 100 Oct, 2012 and US$6800 (18 bids)in Aug 2014 USA
  1B76533DN         Synchro   Wire BRG Buff Unsold eBay Aug 2014 w V8 engine 27 bids to US6700, sold 2015 USA
P1B76474BW         Automatic   disk Black Tan Sold on eBay, Oct 2013 @ $800 USA
P1B76467BW 21-Oct-64 7B53822-9 4B53752 JBC20417 Automatic   Wire Golden Sand Black Complete restoration, daily driver and show winner USA
P1B76427BW   7B53693-9 4B53662 JBC20008 Automatic          
P1B76420DN   7B53562-9 4B53659 JBN160 Synchro Yes disk Black over Grey Black purchased sight unseen in charity auction
P1B76415DN   7B53361-9 4B53632 JBN120 Synchro Yes disk White Black 164,000 miles, unrestored, Owner since Feb. 1966 USA
P1B76395BW   7B53604-9     Automatic   disk Op.Green Tan ex- Jim Sambold.  Sold to Belgium in 2002 USA
P1B76378BW                   Original bill of sale = US$ 5,953.00
P1B76376DN   7B53651-9 4B53544 JBN223 Synchro Yes Wire Black Beige power steering, wire wheels, power antenna, air conditioning, front seat belts
  1B76341DN         Synchro Yes disk Green Beige Unsold on eBay (no bids) August 2004
P1B76337BW         Automatic         Needs Restotaration